The Difference Between Summer and Winter Skin

Summer Winter Skin
Our aim from our videos and blog posts is to provide you with as much education as possible, to allow you to make the best possible choices with any facials or home skincare purchases. 
We want you to properly understand how your skin functions and make the best choices when it comes to selecting how to run your skin.
Soo… surely there can’t be much difference between your skin in summer and your skin in winter, right? 
Lets just put it this way… You aren’t rocking your summer jumpsuits in winter or your chunky knits in summer, you switch your wardrobe up with the seasons. 
The same is advised for your skincare routine. 
In the summer our skin produces a lot more lipids, making our skin much oily-er.  Oil act as a natural protector to our skin. Our skin produces this oil on purpose, to enhance our natural sun protection.  Summer skin suits a lighter moisturiser and of course a Vitamin A based SPF. 
By comparison, to our winter skin:   
In winter were exposed too much colder and harsher environments. We’re also exposed to extremes in temperature changes – cold, frosty outside to hot dry central heating. These temperature changes can play havoc on our skin, making it dry and sensitive. 
At our Poulton salon we advise our clients to do the following, to help their skin survive the winter: 
  • Increase hydration, lots and lots of water!
  • Cut back on irritants such as caffeine and alcohol. We know.. its Christmas but alcohol and caffeine will only further dehydrate an already dehydrated skin. 
  • Using a richer heavier moisturiser.  
  • Switching from a foamy cleanser to a creamier oil-based cleanser. 
  • Supplement omega-3 fish oils.  
  • Reducing the level of their Vitamin A moisturiser: your skin is having to work harder in the winter to absorb the vitamin A in your products. This is because less Vitamin A is being used to neutralise the free radicals in UV sunlight in winter. 
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