Acne & Breakouts

Suffering from stubborn or hormonal breakouts – read below and start combating.

Sebum: Over Production

The sebaceous gland that is responsible for two things:
  • How much oil you produce.
  • The type pf oil you produce. 
If either of these process are overactive, you can end up with an excess of thick sticky sebum.
The sebaceous gland function can be influenced by:
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Stress
So… What’s the solution?
You need to gently cleanse your skin of excess oil, without stripping and use topical and oral Vitamin A to normalise your oil production.

Excess Keratinisation

What is Keratinisation? It’s a build up of dead skin cells, which makes your skin look thick and dull. When the skin is not exfoliating itself correctly, a build up of dead skin cells occurs and your pores ducts become blocked.

Light exfoliation is the solution. Let us say that again… Light exfoliation. Don’t be tempted to reach for a granular scrub because this will aggravate your skin. Instead pick up some Beta Hydroxy Acid, which will dissolve the build up in the pore, rather than just acting on the surface bacteria.

P acne bacteria causes an infection in the pore, resulting in a pustule. Bacteria on our skin is necessary, bacteria in the wrong places on our skin causes inflammation and infection.

To combat this problem you need to sterilise your skin a professional peel, using ingredients such as; lactic acid, tea tree and colostrum which will help to kill the bacteria and reduce any inflammation.


Dietary and lifestyle factory play a huge role in your skins health. The culprits:
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Alcohol 
  • Sugar 
These can all contribute to inflammation and skin surface bacteria. So try to limit, or even cut these out of your diet as much as possible. 
While increasing the amount of: 
  • Oily fish 
  • Nuts + Seeds 
  • Water 
  • Pre + Probiotic Foods 
  • Fibre 

Hormonal Imbalance

This explains why it’s common to get breakouts at the time of the month and as a teen. Hormonal imbalances can influence your oil glands to produce higher levels and thicker stickier sebum.
The solution:
Combat your hormonally imbalances internally with dietary adjustments and supplementation of DIM; a phytonutrient proven to effectively up-regulate the clearance of excess oestrogen and thus help restore optimal hormone levels.


Stress is an inflammatory process, this process has the ability to over stimulate your sebaceous gland. When you’re stressed because of a breakout, this equals a vicious cycle.
Whats the solution? Stress management.. however this sometimes easier said than done. When you’re stressed make sure you take your Vitamin A supplements daily and try to avoid reaching for your go to sugary comfort foods.

The Wrong Products

The wrong products can worsen acne and break outs, by over exfoliating and stripping your skin. Enlist the help of a  skin care specialist to ensure you’re using the correct home care products for your specific skin type.

Have A Consultation

At our Poulton based salon our skin care specialists have had great success treating clients with breakouts and hormonal acne. We analyse all dietary and life style factors contributing to breakouts and acne. We pride ourselves on long term results rather than quick fixes.