Struggling to Treat Stubborn Acne or Breakouts?

Acne & Breakouts

Our aim from our blog posts and video series is to provide our clients with as much accurate and fact-based information, as possible. We want to assist all our clients and followers and allow them to select the best in salon facials and home care products, for their skin.

At our Poulton Salon, we believe education and understanding how your skin functions are the key, to achieving this. Skincare is not a one cream (or facial) fits all model, we all have individual skin types and concerns. And we want you to make the best possible choices.

We want you to properly understand how your skin functions, and thus make the best possible choices when treating your individual skin concern. At our Poulton salon, we believe in ‘Beautiful Skin for a Lifetime’ and we don’t push or promote fads; and instead encourage, the correct combination of:

  1. Nutritional Supplements
  2. Home Skin Care
  3. In-Salon Facials

To help you achieve long-lasting and sustainable results.

At our Poulton salon, we believe treating your skin ‘From the Inside’ is essential, for your skins long term vitality and health. Our in house skin care specialists will always advise you on supplements (and minor lifestyle adjustments), that we have tried, tested and found to be highly successful in treating (your) specific skin concern.

Acne & Breakouts

So on to the topic of at hand, stubborn acne and breakouts…

What Is Acne?

Acne is a medical term, for the following skin conditions: pimples, blackhead, cystic acne, nodules and the like. All of these occur when the follicles of the skin become clogged.

You may have already heard of Accutane and Aczone. Both of these medications have been prescribed by GP’s to help treat and clear the complexions of teenagers for years.

These medications have proven to be beneficial for some, while others are yet to find success from these prescription acne formulas and are, unfortunately, only suffering their nasty side effects.

While there is definitely a place for prescription medication in treating some severe skin conditions, at our Poulton salon we’ve seen some incredible results, from the implementation of the correct supplements and home care products.

So what are these Acne banishing Vitamins?

Let’s talk about Vitamins for Acne. The natural treatment option for those looking to banish stubborn acne and blemishes without over the counter medication, and its negative side effects.

The following supplements have been clinically proven to be extremely effective at reducing acne, congestion and breakouts!

The Vitamins

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B3

The Minerals

  • Zinc
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane)
  • And don’t forget .. Probiotics and Omega-3.

Let us break down our top 3 supplements and their specific benefits. Through this blog post we’ll explain why these supplements will help you reduce acne and breakouts:

Vitamin A

If you’ve read any of our previous blog posts you’ll know, Vitamin A it’s kind of a big deal! Check out, our previous blog post: Environ Skin Care… Because who doesn’t want to look
10 years younger, to find out why Vitamin A is essential to healthy skin.

‘Retinol’ a Vitamin A derivative is commonly found in topical skincare and acne treatments. So it comes as no surprise that, Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) supplementation can be used to effectively treat and combat acne symptoms.

Clinical studies have highlighted that patients with, severe cases of acne have lower serum levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A supplementation reduces acne and breakouts by regulating your bodies sebum production. Thus reducing pore size and preventing clogged pores.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant and is the only Vitamin proven to repair DNA damage to skin cells. You can find Vitamin A in the following foods: egg yolk, cod liver oil, fish.

Product: ANP Skin Vit A


At our Poulton salon, DIM is our HERO product when it comes to effectively treating acne and breakouts! Especially hormonal acne often found on the jawline and chin.

So what is DIM and how does it work?

DIM is a phytonutrient, that has been clinically proven to up-regulate the clearance of excess oestrogen and thus help restore optimal hormone levels. And reduce acne

DIM directly affects testosterone (a hormone closely linked to acne). DIM helps to prevent the following processes:

Prevents acne causing androgens from reaching their receptors.

Acts as an aromatase inhibitor: prevents the conversion of testosterone to the more potent DHT (by inhibiting the 5a-reductase enzyme).

Aids oestrogen metabolism by up-regulating the clearance of oestrogen metabolites, down more favourable pathways.

DIM can be found in the following foods: broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower.

Product: ANP Accumax


Probiotics they’re in Yakult.. Right? Probiotics are simply the name given to a group of micro-organisms. Simply put, probiotics are beneficial to your gut health.

The majority of your body’s probiotics reside in your digestive system. They are sometimes referred to as ‘gut flora’. Some medications particularly antibiotics can deplete your gut’s ‘good’ bacteria levels.

Probiotics can have the following benefits to your skin:

  • Antimicrobial action – Probiotics have demonstrated the ability to ‘attack’ and kill bad bacteria. Thus the term anti-microbial.
  • Probiotics have the ability to fight harmful microbes and micro-micro-organisms and prevent them from causing skin inflammation that leads to acne.
  • Calming the gut/brain/skin connection – The What .. ?! Clinical research has highlighted that our, Gut, Brain + Skin are all connected.
  • When harmful microbes are present in the body, they can trigger an immune response. This immune response is your body fighting back and can cause an inflammatory
    response (inflammation). Probiotics have the ability to calm this inflammatory response thus reducing the occurrence of acne breakouts.
  • It’s not just acne that probiotics are beneficial for. At our Poulton Salon we’ve seen probiotics have huge benefit on the following skin conditions: Rosacea, atopic dermatitis and acne.

Probiotics are not to be confused with Prebiotic’s. Prebiotic’s are a special form of dietary fibre which act as a fertiliser for the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut.

Probiotic foods: Leeks, Asparagus, Garlic, Onions and the like.

Prebiotic foods: Tempeh, Kombucha, Sauerkraut + Pickles.

Product: ANP Skin Youth Biome

Although it may take a little longer than prescription medications to see results, you’ll be side effect free (please ensure you read and adhere to all supplement guidelines) and happy to know your results are sustainable.

It may take up to 2 months to see a difference via the implementation of supplements.. but remember, skincare is a marathon, not a sprint.

**Please note that the side effects of Vitamins can be very real, especially when the dosage is incorrect. To ensure that you are following the correct natural treatment for acne please ensure you read and follow the dosage on all supplement packaging correctly.

**When taking Vitamin A we recommend you speak to your GP before increasing your does, high doses of Vitamin A can cause nausea, vomiting, hair loss, dry skin and birth defects. Furthermore there are prescription versions of Vitamin A that your GP may be able to prescribe you.