Scarring can be caused by a multitude of factors; acne, chicken pox, stretch marks, surgery are just a few. There may be many different types of scars, but they all have one thing in common: the skin is damaged. As a child when you fall and graze your knee the cut heals pretty quickly and your skin is back to normal in no time; unfortunately as an adult the same graze can leave you with a war wound.

Slow Wound Healing

As we age, our healing processes unfortunately slow down .. making us more susceptible to scaring.

Solution: Normalise and protect your skin cells DNA as much as possible with topical and internal supplementation of Vitamin A.

Collagen Production

When you injure your skin, the wound clots and begins to heal. The healing process requires collagen, to help knit the skin back together.

Again, as we age our bodies production of collagen slows, this can leave the skin scarred instead of smooth.

Solution: Boost your bodies ability to produce optimal levels of collagen by internal supplementation of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Suggested products Collagen Support and Vitamin A based moisturiser.

Damage To The DNA

Skin with damaged DNA is more likely to scar and more susceptible to premature ageing as it lacks Vitamin A antioxidants required to neutralise free radicals.

Solution: Vitamin A based moisturiser and internal supplementation of antioxidants.


There is no quick fix with scaring. At our Poulton based salon we have seen results on both old and young scars via the application of high doses of Vitamin A and the use of micro-needling.