Comfort Zone.

A complete menu of deluxe + express facials and rituals, enhanced by proprietary massage techniques which maximise the efficacy and the pleasantness of our science-based, professional-grade clean formulas, rich in natural-origin and high-tech ingredients.

Comfort Zone

    Youth-enhancing regenerating antioxidant face treatment.With formulations certified according to COSMOS guidelines, it nourishes, reoxygenates and protects the skin. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the personalized choice of mask and enhanced by specific techniques for each phase. The skin is immediately more compact and firm.
    An ancient ritual for the body. Warm Himalayan salt blocks are gently massaged over the whole body, for gentle exfoliation. leaving a residue of minerals to detoxify, relax and alleviatE tension + stress. The treatment then proceeds with a salt scrub, a combination oF pink Himalayan Salt and nourishing aromatic oils to detoxify, ease aches and pains + stimulate your metabolism to restore vitality + balance.
    Sculpting remineralizing, remodeling and firming treatment to boost the effects of your workout and release toxins.Improves muscle tone and restores essential vitamins and mineral salts thanks to innovative Body Mask with Brazilian Yellow Clay and Plankton extract.. Ideal for combining with a fitness programme or to be included in an anti-cellulite and firming programme.
    Inspired by the Indonesian Sea Malay Massage, this exceptional ritual acts in synergy with our Tranquillity™ Sound and Essential Oil Blend to effectively induce a state of deep rest for both mind and body. Ideal as jet lag recovery, in case of troubles sleeping and stress.

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