Roucou Oil – The Hair Oil that will blow you away

Davines product range on a sink

We know, we know .. every week there’s a new hair ‘wonder product’ that blows everything else away ..

We know it can be information overload, but we did not tell you about Roucou Oil. The ingredient that will give you longer, stronger hair that’s insanely vibrant and glossy, with softer ends and a healthier scalp.

Roucou Oil is the ultimate super ingredient, it’ll make your hair easier to detangle, fights the frizz, fends off greys hair and static contains natural SPF!

If Roucou Oil isn’t already part of your daily hair routine .. it will be after reading the rest!

What is Roucou Oil?

Originating from the fruit of the achiote, an evergreen shrub that’s native to the Amazon rainforest. Often referred to as the ‘lipstick tree’ due to its vibrant pink flowers and red fruit. Roucou Oil is harvested from the seeds of this fruit.

What makes Roucou Oil so beneficial?

One hundred times more potent than the anti-oxidant, beta-carotene found in carrots. Giving you plenty of Vitamin A for a healthy scalp and strong strands.

How does Roucou Oil fend off greys?

By stimulating your hairs production of melanin. Melanin is responsible for your hairs colour, hence keeping the grey (and frizz) away! By this mechanism Roucou oil slows down the effects of hair ageing; hydrates and detangles, leaving you will gorgeous, smooth and healthy hair.

Suffering from dandruff or eczema?

Roucou Oils astringent properties make Roucou Oil the ideal treatment for dry or oily scalps and anyone dealing with dandruff or eczema.

Roucou Oil also contains, ellagic acid. This helps to neutralise free radicals, protect against UV radiation and help stimulate your hairs growth. All this anti-oxidant action helps to rebuild damaged hair and protect from the elements such as city pollution and harsh weather.

The Davines OI Collection:

Roucou Oil is the key ingredient of all Davines OI products.

The OI range provides exceptional nourishment for all hair types and textures, making your hair increasingly manageable.

All products in the Davines OI collection, have the signature OI aroma: musky and floral notes of amber and rice, aromatic and balsamic undertones, and a citrus accent. Trust us the OI range smells incredible!

So .. whats in the OI Range?

Its a family of bestsellers in the Davines OI line including; OI All in One Milk, a multi-tasking leave-in-conditioner, OI Oil, a lightweight tonic that conditions without weighing strands down, and OI Shampoo and OI Conditioner for healthy, hydrated strands. OI Hair Butter provides extra nourishment for all hair types and textures, making hair manageable, silky and soft while fighting frizz and adding shine.